What I Do

A place to breathe.


I deliver 1-1 Parenting sessions with materials based on The Webster-Stratton Whole Family Parenting Programme which I co-ordinate and deliver in Schools, Children’s Centres and Hubs across Oxfordshire.

This is an evidence based ten week programme, with research that shows a high-proportion of parents/carers indicating significant positive improvement in their parenting skills, their confidence and their relationships with their child/ren following participation in the programme. These positive effects are indicated at the end of the programme, and for months and years afterwards.

With the same materials I support families on a more personal and tailored basis. The 1-1 approach is beneficial for those who do not wish to attend a group/have no group in their area/or who prefer the 1-1 approach in their own setting.


First we have an introductory session. This is a safe confidential space where you have a chance to talk about your family situation and challenges you may be having as well as your needs. This is where we decide what sessions are most appropriate for you. We can do the whole ten weeks of materials or focus on certain behaviours and challenges. This will be tailored to your individual needs
We start by working on hopes and fears you/your family might have about attending the sessions. This will help you to all feel more comfortable about the process. We then focus on playing with your child, giving them positive attention, and finding things to praise, this is the first stage of our work.

We then progress to getting our needs met, family rules, limit setting, rewards for following the rules and consequences for not.

We then turn to managing strong feelings, ignoring misbehaviour and how to have a successful timeout.

We finish with a refresh of all the topics we have covered and a celebration of all the parenting skills you have learnt and your success stories.