Paula’s expertise and support have been invaluable to our families well being. When she arrived there was a lot of shouting and resentment from all sides. Her calmness and practical advice has helped to steer us to calmer waters. I was anxious about inviting a professional into our home, especially at a time when I was feeling very vulnerable and defensive as I felt I was failing as a parent. Her non-judgemental approach gave us all the space and confidence to air our opinions and find ways to work together. Having regular visits in our home as well my children’s school kept everyone on track and we worked on new strategies together which was really helpful. Her work with my son (who was a school refuser) in particular has been miraculous; things have really turned around now at school and at home. There is still work to do but we have turned a big corner together.
Katie & Twins


The school my children attend recommended contacting Paula Evans; we were told she works with families offering parenting support. Our eldest son in particular has very challenging behaviour. We have two diagnoses from PCAMHS and medication which has helped us a lot. What was missing was structure and boundaries in our day to day lives. It has not been an easy journey for us; however with Paula’s encouragement and support we have persevered and both my husband and I feel we are now successfully implementing rules, rewards and consequences to support our children in a much more effective way. As parents we are more relaxed knowing we are now firmly back in charge and doing our best as parents. By far the most noticeable improvement has been in the class room. Both our children are now able to focus better and manage their behaviour more appropriately which has led them to achieve more academically. We continue to see Paula once a week, something we all look forward to.
Dr T Price
Oxford oxfordshire


As a single parent I found my child’s behaviour to be very challenging at times, this had left me feeling exhausted and in need of help. My family and I worked together alongside Paula to understand and put into place strategies that helped me become a much more supportive and capable parent. We are like any normal family with the usual ups and downs of family life. The difference is that I have lots of new parenting tools at my disposal that I now use to support my sons, still challenging but more manageable behaviours. I feel as a family we work better together now and enjoy being around each other!
Mum Nanny Betty & David
Abingdon Oxfordshire


My wife and I were struggling with parenting our children successfully. Professionals were working with us and we were aware that we needed parenting support,the problem was we did not understand where we were going wrong or where to begin. We searched on line and found Paula's website, she was able to offer private 1-1 sessions. We were nervous at first but were soon put at ease by Paula’s manner. She is supportive, open and honest. She helped us to understand things a lot clearer and taught us about family meetings where together we decided our family rules which we all agreed to, with consequences and rewards to back it up. We learnt about each other’s feelings and behaviours, setting boundaries, time out, and much more. We feel much more able and confident now when visiting our children in contact sessions to use our new skills, which has lead to us feeling that we are able to provide a much more stable home life for the return of our children to our care.
Ray & Susan
Wardington Oxfordshire

working together for a better family life.

Our family has worked with Paula for the past two years. During this time our family life has transformed, thanks to the support and guidance of Paula and the work we have done together. She has introduced to us ideas, tools, observations, and strategies that can be integrated into our family life, and can be drawn on in both the positive times and in the times of turbulence. She has worked with us in a very flexible and creative way, not only introducing ideas and tools and working through issues with us, but also drawing on our own knowledge and strengths, so that in the course of our journey together our confidence in our own parenting has grown and strengthened. More recently she has also provided valuable one-to-one support for our daughter, as she becomes more in need of a wise and experienced voice outside of the family dynamic. We initially worked with Paula in person, but since Covid have worked very successfully on Zoom.  We would wholeheartedly recommend Paula as a parenting guide and family support.